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As far as my wife and I before gaining residency of Eden of Whitehall they were informed of my sickness is a combat vet with 25 years in with cancer TBI traumatic brain injury seizures and need to fish in C's in both legs they were where this besides my income falls on the 3rd they insisted everything falls on the first anything beyond the first is it $50 late fee anything past 10 days is $100 late fee and accumulates 5 days there on after but they were informed of being late one month we kept them in form but yet they want to head on the 13th of the month and proceeded Court action eviction notices against us after court we tried numerous amounts of times to call by phone of course they have caller ID so they would not pick up the phone neither talk to my wife or me but like I mentioned I am a very sick individual with deformities with cancer and traumatic brain injury for serving my country with over 25 years in how did they treat a combat vet with severe sicknesses is ungodly uncommon to be a professional in their field knowing that at last moment unable to get help cuz I need movers to move me this is very very disrespectful slap in the veterans face when I provided the security for them to live in if it was not for us combat vets that gave all or some gave the sacrament sacrifice for their lives we have provided the blanket in the pillow that they have slept on but turn around and slapped Us in the face with very disrespectful and unappreciative to US military combat vets I would not recommend anybody that's very very sick to move into these places because they will slap you with ungodly late fees and also very very disrespectful to a disabled person as for we are forced to move out a last-minute try to find movers that can disassemble are structure of furniture and move us of course with two months now in the Warriors they have ungodly put mounts of late fees totaling more than $2,700 in late fees from these town homes that were built in 1954 and we pay more than $759 a month so with late fees how do you come up with better and $2,700 for 2 months that sounds ungodly ridiculous how disrespectful can people be the disabled people and to nobody is above the law these people are going to have their wings clipped someday by our Lord Jesus Christ. Of course you do not get any agreements on paper they send it to your email address so nothing is on paper I have never ever heard of that in all my years they promise you one thing that's on paper and then when you're forced to move into these places the day of your signing of contract everything is changed at the last minute they will up your rent ours up $100 more than what we had on paper prior to sign a contract with knowing that it's too late to go back on your old Lee is she already put in the notice to move out so you're duked either or way these people are terrible and how that they treat disabled people is very very sickening to me but the Lord Jesus Christ will have his judgement day.

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