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I complained numerous times about the tenant that lived over top of my apartment

The rude manager wouldn't do anything except tell me that is apart of apartment living. We took it upon ourselves to go and let the tentant above my apartment know that they were causing to much noised above our heads.

They would allow their child to jump off of the furniture all day long. I worked four days a week for ten hours & more times then not Saturdays also. When I was at the apartment it was mandatory for me to rest but I wasn't able to because of the continouas ruckus. I went to the rental office to inquire about the cos to get out of the lease with New Life properties.

The maintenance men didn't keep the grounds up if, they chose to shovel the snow s they did they would shovel the snow by the tenant's vehicles so when the snow melted it would be icy around the car. If they left some equipment in the apartment then they would come back in a week or so to pick the equipment up

Then they would come back a few days later inquiring about the equipment they already picked up.

Product or Service Mentioned: New Life Property Apartment Rental.

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